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7 Tips on choosing a Menu of healthy food For Suhoor Follow well.

To choose the right food travel malang juanda menu Suhoor and healthy, would be useful to provide energy in the body. This can give your body the maximum energy so that we can perform worship to fast without being distracted by drowsiness or body felt limp. Here I will give a bit of review on 7 Tips on choosing Healthy Food Menu For last meal for you and your family.

1. Cukupi intake of carbohydrates
Select enough food will be the content of carbohydrates and also the protein content, be it from vegetable or animal protein from Your food for Suhoor. For a side dish when you can choose a last meal, meat, fish, or eggs. But instead, when performing a feast Suhoor, avoid food that smells fishy. Because it may cause the nausea on the next day.

2. Try new food Cook
Try not to overdo it in the present when breaking the fast food menu. Because if there are any remaining food will definitely be served to eat Suhoor. We recommend that you try don't let leftovers such as the fast menu Suhoor. Because the food is no longer new will reduce the value of the content of its nutrition value.

3. avoid fatty foods
Reduce your intake of foods that contain a lot of fat such as fried or coconut milk, because excess fat content will be difficult to digest in the body. When fatty foods remain consumed, then what happens is your body will secrete fluids to digest fat in the body, so you will very easily dehydrated.

4. Expand the drinking water white
Don't let your body dehydrated during fasting. To avoid this is to expand the drinking water at the time of Suhoor, breaking and also the time gap between the load time as well as Suhoor, since water is one of the sources of energy in the body.

5. Limit the consumption of sweet
Never too much consumption of sugary foods to the menu at the time of Suhoor. This is due to sweet food will make the body more quickly feel hungry when during the day. A relatively sweet foods do have the benefit of being able to provide energy, but not for a long time. Preferably perbanyaklah fibrous food and have enough nutrient content.

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6. Drink milk
In order to get enough nutrients, you should add the milk into the menu time Suhoor. But if Your last meal menu already belongs to the heavy meals, preferably consume milk may done after breaking the fast or when going to sleep at night.

7. Fruit
Various sources of vitamins and good content you can get from various types of fruit. Apples and wine is one of the recommendations to be presented at the time when the fruit because of sahoor light enough for your consumption.
7 Tips on choosing a Menu of healthy food For Suhoor
Now that is some 7 Tips on choosing Healthy Food Menu for a last meal that I can tell. Hopefully these tips can be helpful for you and their families.

Seven Natural Remedy For Itchy Crotch Grips And Black Follow well.

Natural remedy for Itchy Crotch kitchen set malang Grips and black – Pernakah you experience itching in the groin? Precisely in the area of the folds of the buttocks. Usually sufferers will experience an incredible itch, then will continue to scratch it. If carded precisely will cause blisters and irritation as well as impacting the blackish, so it will be stung if exposed to water. The disease can take a while even long about 3-4 months.

Itching of the skin which folds up or the crotch often occurs at night. The cause is a fungus. This condition occurs in areas that are moist and the skin is often wet like sweat or fabrics which could not absorb perspiration very well. Some natural medicine that can cure an itchy crotch and black so as not to relapse and continued there below.
Natural Remedy For Itchy Crotch Grips And Black
1. using the leaves of the Amethyst
How to make herb natural remedy is to tumbuklah 25 grams Amethyst leaves until smooth, and add coconut oil to taste. After that, the actual heated herb not too long, apply the herb in the crotch while still warm.

2. Use the Spinach
The ingredients you need to prepare i.e. one crop of spinach thorns and salt. First wash the spinach and cut according to taste. Add clean water to a submerged. Rebuslah spinach for 15 minutes. Then add a little salt. Apply warm boiled water last to dikopreskan on your crotch.

3. using Galangal
The way of processing the drug is adalahh with 4 fingers galangal Rhizome and one clove of garlic ducucu in advance. Next, beaten till looks smooth, add the vinegar. Then afterwards can be heated. Apply to selangkanga you.

4. Use the Garcinia Atroviridis
You have to do with how to choose a still-Garcinia atroviridis chocolate to taste for dimaksukkan into starch. Or you can use the materials in the form of chocolate to taste kendis acid only. Then aduklah until evenly distributed. It was only dibalurkan on the crotch properly.

5. Use Antifungal Powder
Use antifungal powder can be beneficial to cool the skin, this will reduce the itching in the crotch. The powder used is containing salicylic acid. This solution is very effective, so the sense of like to scratch the skin of the groin will be reduced and the healing process will be faster.

6. Use the betel leaf
Addressing the growth of mold in the groin especially thighs. You just simply rubbing the betel leaf on the surface of the Sun that itch in your crotch area. Or it can be with the betel leaf extract as a rinse or wash in the folds of your skin.

7. Drain the Crotch
The latest possible ways you can do. These are the tips to speed up the healing process on the itching in the groin. Mold will grow on moist skin, so you should dress to dry skin parts crotch at any time, either after bathing or waste of urine.

So some of the natural remedies that are made without chemicals, so it will not cause excess effect on your skin. Hopefully the itching and the black color on the crotch you can soon disappear.

Tips On Overcoming The Baby Crying At Night Follow well.

Your baby is always crying at night? Will definitely make you feel confused will cause your baby always crying at night time. There are times when moms and dads need a little know what causes your baby is always crying. The habit if in neglect by parents will be very annoying. Either for parents or for your baby. There are actually several causes of a baby crying at night. Well for you who want to deal with it you can check out the tips address the baby crying at night that we share this time;
Tips For Overcoming A Baby Crying
Tips On Overcoming The Baby Crying At Night
1. Holding a baby
Such a step might just sound old fashioned, but success often soothe a baby crying at night, especially if he is a natural dream is not good. Do with a calm, confident because a baby can easily figure out the change in Your heart rate when you feel irritated or anxious because she didn't stop crying. Humming slowly while holding a baby you can do when her crying was over so that he was soon asleep again.

2. Feels hungry
Generally this sort of thing is the reason first you think when your baby cries. Know a baby's hungry signs signal moments before wept at the start, namely baby started agitation seems to want to cry, open your mouth and closing her mouth repeatedly, start sucking his fingers, as well as the reflex movements play do his head toward touch when you place your hand on the tip of his lips. When this happens, the answer is to give BREAST MILK (breast milk) and milk formulas while holding the baby warmly on your chest.

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3. wet or dirty Diapers
The time of your baby's diaper wet or filled due to the impurities (urine or feces), then your baby may feel uncomfortable and cause crying. Therefore, any of your baby to cry, please check popoknya if wet or not. When wet, change your baby's diaper with a dry diaper. Rajin-rajinlah replace it so that is not the case of irritation.

4. Check body temperature
There is a chance of a baby crying hysterically at night due to fever, difficulty in breathing because of the flu, and others. When she refused to drink BREAST MILK and always cry when you menggendongnya, holding his forehead or wear body temperature thermometer carefully.

5. Very tired
The baby may be fussy and crying time feeling very tired after playing with you. If the baby starts to look, be saturated with her toys, often rubbed his eyes and starts to evaporate, tight and cuddle selekasnya ayun-ayunkan while you talk softly to her. The baby generally cranky tone made some funny with his eyes closed and soon she will be deep asleep. You can also play music for him, the soft music as well as specified.

6. Calm him
If You thought the sudden infant crying hysterically because a dream is not good, soon calm her with a soft sentence as well as flat-pitched. Take care lest Your tone of voice to sound upset, because it can make it so much more uncomfortable and her crying can also be the more rampant.

Tips Overcoming Baby Yellow And Identify The Cause Follow well.

Health Info-your baby experiencing jaundice? Will definitely make you worry about it. Sometimes the attitudes worried parents become excess after seeing the condition of the baby was getting into. If your baby is experiencing it, you don't need to be anxious and worried. Maybe you could try to overcome the yellow baby tips that we share today. Hopefully the information that we provide more benefit for you and everything:
Tips Overcoming Baby Yellow
Tips Overcoming Baby Yellow And Identify The Cause
Steps Deal With Jaundice

That triggers the baby yellow variety, but it can be overcome through the same way. The natural step as an expression of the love and affection of the mother on the fruit of the heart can be a treat. Yes, with feeding fruit heart, this is the same as with the giving away of healing even gave up prevention of the disease.

Breast feeding can reduce the content of bilirubin, and here's why it is recommended so that mothers give BREAST MILK to the fruit of his heart. In addition, invites the heart to warm the fruit in the light of the morning sun is also suggested as a natural step in tackling the problem of it.

Cause baby yellow as well as steps to deal with it there are various types. Some triggers that can be the cause of the occurrence of yellow baby that is as follows.

There is an infection, the infection may also lead to a person developing infant jaundice.
Herbal medicine, in the area we really are very popular with herbs. Especially when the mother was pregnant then the variety of herbs are also taken for the fetus was conceived. But behold, it was very dangerous to the safety of the mother and the fetus. One of them can lead to yellow baby.
Blood type, blood type inequality mothers and children can also be so trigger.
The baby's liver function is not yet able to walk normally.

Tip time to doctor

Your baby should be checked for jaundice or not we recommend that on the third day of the seventh and after birth, when the bilirubin level is usually.

Signal sign or signs may only give an indication of chronic jaundice or complications from excess bilirubin. Consult a doctor if:

Your baby's skin is so much yellow
Your baby's skin look yellow on the abdomen, arms or legs
The white part of your baby's eyes look yellow
Your baby seems listless or ill or difficult to arouse
Your baby is not the weight of the body is not normal
Your baby cries a high-pitched and very not normal
Infants jaundice lasts approximately three weeks more

That's the tips and know the causes as well as tackle signs babies have jaundice. For those of you who do not want the disease occurs on your child. Thou perform checks on your personal doctor. Or you can understand the signs of jaundice which we gave above. All this may be useful ...

Tips On Overcoming Child Insomnia Easily Follow well.

For you as parents sometimes experience the things that make you confused and do not know the cause of such children hard to sleep. For some children who experience insomnia usually they feel something uncomfortable in her. It could just be the son felt sick but didn't want to talk to a parent, or a child having trouble with doing friends and so on. Well for those of you who find it naturally want to get tips on overcoming child insomnia easily not. Here are some tips that we can provide to you, may be helpful;
Tips On Overcoming Child Insomnia
Tips On Overcoming Child Insomnia Easily
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1. Read the fairy tale
So like kids on a story or a fairy tale after tale read in general they may feel drowsy and daydreaming about the stories you read. Therefore, accompany your child before bed with reading out an interesting tale.

2. starting from the beginning Already Ensure hours of sleep Children
Sleeplessness in children due to the public take place routines. If we always allow children to sleep late at night, it's the same course we teach the routine to sleep late. This kind of thing we need to change through ensuring hours of what children have to sleep, learn, and play. And we should be able to set the hour NAP, it's good to take a NAP most long enough 2 hours only. With this pattern can help them sleep easier at night.

3. create the child Feels comfortable
This point should also be aware of the issue of the comfort of the mother the child, make the child comfortable while before bed like a Clean face, feet And Do Well When used to brush your teeth before going to bed, as well as make it a habit Always to use the blanket so that the Bed is comfortable.

4. Light sleep
The fourth step is to give the right bed lamp, lamp why sleep? Because the beds are a little lamp Dim will not disturb the sleeping child. Try to imagine if you give this bright lights can disrupt the sleep of the child.

5. Keep away from the crowd And tech tools
It might just Cause the child insomnia due to a noisy voice they hear, it can only sound from a TV in your room or even outside the room. Well for this one we must avoid the scrutiny, his good putting technological tools such as TV, computer, HP, or gadgets in the bedroom of the child, because it can interfere with their sleep concentration.

6. Pura Pura Bed next to the child
If the child still remains Difficult to sleep well At Night and always would like to invite you for always Speaking Then you need to Try This Trick with the Pura Pura Beds so that the child will also Feel Lonely and Immediately join the Sleep follows you.

7. Pediatricians
You don't hurt consult pediatrician if indeed insomnia felt your child has trouble, the doctor can give the right advice and handling on you to help resolve sleeplessness facing your child.

Tips On Coping With Difficult Child Eating With This Trick Follow well.

For the mother sometimes have difficulties to give the fruit of his heart food, because the children are difficult to eat. Many cases that are already in the complaining by the housewife who takes care of his son. Especially when the children are given food that does give him a vitamin, but the son didn't like it. Well for those of you who have lately experienced difficulties here are some tips for coping with difficult children eat the mother might be able to do at home for the sake of maintaining the health of the children:
Tips On Coping With Difficult Children Eat
Tips On Coping With Difficult Child Eating With This Trick
1. create a hunger in children.
Most mothers masihlah wrong in applying the eating patterns in children. To the mother when the little one does not want to eat then must give more than one milk or light snacks in the other. This kind of thing can make the stomach feel full. By letting the child feels hungry first so the food we serve can be dilahap until exhausted.

2. Invite Children join the Cooking
Try to invite your child to help cook or just see the cooking process. With the step can make the child so the more curious to want to feel the results of cuisine and dining tastes can turn.

3. Do a variation on the children's meals
This may just be a hassle, it serves a diverse range of foods that children gemari, but this sort of thing be done! Generally children can be hooked with an interesting form of food as well as funny. If you need to take your little one to help you, or used to do in front of the little one in preparing this food can affect the psychic children about food.

4. Start Eating quietly
It is important to begin eating quietly. The child's emotions or stress can unleash some surge of adrenaline. This adrenaline surge can suppress appetite. So, make sure all families in conditions of calm when it is time to eat it.

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When middle child's play list or see the tv, do not immediately told him to stop for a meal. Give your child a little time to get ready. For example, by telling if 5 minutes more time eating. You can also take him determine his favorite plate or lead him to clean hands. This is good as a transitional activity at the time of play and eat. With that, the mood of the child continue to be awake when you start to eat.

5. Presentation of the small number of
Try to make serving food menu seems minimalist but still interesting and still contains nutrients. Sometimes the child may be loss of appetite when viewing the presentation of the food is carelessly and very much.

6. create a Regular meal schedule
Adjust your child's meal schedule. Give most major food or a snack at the same time each day. You can make a snack like pastries, boiled vegetables, fruit, milk, or juice between the main dining hours. However, the amount and frekwensinya must be set. Do not let the child has full time hours eating has come.

Tips For Overcoming The Bad Boy The Easy Way Follow well.

Mother what when you have bad boy will certainly very annoying isn't it? What the children do not want to listen to every of your speech. There are actually several ways to make children not doing naughty and willing to listen to the words of the old man. Well for those of you who may have tired of facing delinquency of your child, try to find out some tips overcoming bad boy who we share this time for you all. Hopefully the information we provide can member benefits for you all;
Tips For Overcoming The Bad Boy
Tips For Overcoming The Bad Boy The Easy Way
1. Figure out the trigger Child Delinquency
There are some action naughty child who is thought by his parents so it's not surprising that the reasons are also not the same. Therefore, in dealing with the unruly child attitude, parents must find out first thing that triggers the child doing naughty. One example of such children enter the House through the window, you do not immediately scold her son but give children question why she did it. If the answer you get because the boy had a whim it is definitely you can menasehatinya are fine when what he was doing was not good, and then show you the way in and out of the House.

2. Complete with a cool head
Keep the smiles and the wait in thy heart, some parents when such conditions are encountered. Because when parents join the emotions, that there are even problems of makin to be great. Parents also need to know when your child's behavior is the result of parental upbringing. When his parents Frank Burton Cheyne sure his son will also wait. When her parents are like dengansuara high emotions certainly their children will like it too.

3. Avoid children from things that can Support Kenakalannya
It's still linked with behaviour bad boy above that goes out of the House through the window, it's certainly among the more one way to deal with it you can do i.e. by removing the child from the window. Although he headed the direction window, you must always keep an eye on so that the child does not do the same thing. Even if you need to close the meeting window is your home for some time and give it a sense of consequence who over at dapatkannya.

4. no reprimand the wrong time
call me when the child is being done wrong so the attitude we as parents should just do as soon as possible a reprimand shall all times mempertawakan the wrong child attitude, since it can bring an ugly effect for himself and to his parents on i.e. naughty attitude can be embedded as well as recalcitrant.

5. Give Advice
When the child begins to understand if lately you always watched him, use the time to chat with him. You should wear a soft sentence when advised, that he may accept your advice very well.